How Do I Know If My
Identity is Stolen?


Have Data Breaches Already Put
Your Identity at Risk?

In 2023, there were two large data breaches that reportedly affected more than three billion records combined to lead the way.1 With the massive scale and frequency of today’s breaches, it’s become a matter of when your information will be stolen.

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Where to find warning signs and side effects of identity theft


Your major bureau credit reports

Anything suspicious in your report could be a potential sign of identity theft. Monitor your credit regularly to detect fraudulent accounts.

Irregularities in your mail

If you’re missing mail or receiving notices for things you didn’t purchase, it’s possible that you are experiencing identity theft. These warning signs can be easily overlooked and may be indicators of certain types of identity theft.

Bank statements

Any unauthorized transactions, password changes, or newly opened accounts may be a sign of identity fraud. Checking your bank accounts regularly can help, but you may lose access to them if identity thieves change your account information.

Stay up to date on data breach news

Don’t turn a blind eye to the steady stream of data breach announcements. Some of these breaches may impact you if they involve: social platforms where you are active, services or subscriptions, or your place of work.

Medical records and insurance statements

Errors on your medical records or insurance statements should be addressed quickly as they can result in fraudulent medical debt and even lead to dangerously inaccurate medical treatment. Despite the high stakes of medical ID theft, with victims losing more money on average than other types of theft, many consumers are unaware of the risks.

Background checks and state records

If you’re a victim of criminal identity theft you can find signs of it in your criminal record. This type of theft is important to catch early before it can lead to potential legal consequences or loss of employment. Identity thieves may misuse your information in other states and it’s difficult to monitor all the records necessary for detection on your own.

Identity theft can happen anytime, anywhere

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1 Experian 2024 Data Breach Industry Forecast