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The new Digital Privacy suite of tools from Complete ID™ can help you safeguard your digital identity online. Simply install the Password Manager, Secure VPN and Safe Browser apps – now included at no extra cost within your Complete ID account.

Photo of a hand unlocking a glass door
Photo of a hand unlocking a glass door

Why is Protecting Your Identity Online Important?

Today, 70% of people say their personal data is less secure than it was 5 years ago, and nearly 50% of people say they are not able to effectively protect their personal data. With Complete ID’s new Digital Privacy tools, you can defend your digital identity and take charge of who can see, track and access your internet browsing activity and personal information online.

Digital Privacy Tools Can Help You:

  • Prevent hackers from accessing financial information, guessing easy passwords and launching phishing attacks
  • Protect your Wi-Fi connected devices, personal data, IP address and IP locations
  • Block third-parties from accessing private information, data harvesting and utilizing your browsing history

3 Tools to Help You Protect Your Data Online

Defend your digital data with Digital Privacy’s Password Manager, Secure VPN, and Safe Browser Apps for your desktop and mobile devices.

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Digital Privacy Tools from Complete ID


Use our new tools to help safeguard your digital identity when surfing the internet, using apps or working on your computer, at home or on-the-go.

Phone graphic of the Password Manager app

Password Manager

Phone graphic of the Password Manager app

Easily and securely store your login information

No more remembering usernames and passwords. This easy-to-use tool creates and stores private account information across your devices and it helps protect against unwanted account access.

  • Secure your account logins and financial information
  • Protect your login information and accounts from hackers
  • Generate strong passwords
  • Safely access passwords with autofill capabilities from all devices

90% of victims of identity theft did not use a password manager.

Secure VPN

Phone graphic os the Secure VPN app


With the click of a button, help keep your Wi-Fi connected device, IP address and location information private from third parties who may be trying to track you and sell your data.

  • Reduce risk of hackers spying on your data
  • Connect securely to Wi-Fi networks
  • Best-in-class encryption and fast connections
  • Choose your location to customize your content experience

34% of people use a VPN while on public wifi to reduce risk- now you can too, with no extra charge.

Phone graphic os the Secure VPN app
Phone graphic of the safe browser app

Safe Browser

Phone graphic of the safe browser app

Maintain safer internet connections while browsing

Browse the web with confidence. Get alerts if you visit an unsafe website, block unwanted ads and help prevent people and companies from tracking your data.

  • Browse the web more securely on desktop or mobile
  • Stay away from risky, unsafe sites known for fishing and malware
  • Blocks ads and third parties from your seeing data
  • Keep bookmarks and browsing history private

87% of the world’s most popular websites digitally track your data.

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Get ahead of the hackers at no additional cost

Digital Privacy Tools from Complete ID offer comprehensive, proactive protection for your digital identity that goes beyond credit monitoring and identity protection to help you prevent potential threats to your personal information.

Get added peace of mind with Password Manager, Secure VPN and Safe Browser, knowing you are taking proactive steps to keep your digital identity protected.

Woman in front of laptop looking pleased

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