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Reduce the risk of identity theft

Catching the Subtle Signs of Identity Theft

Detecting threats before they wreak havoc on personal lives.

Jenna, a Costco Member and Complete ID customer who lives in California, noticed unexpected activity on her credit.

“ I received an alert from Complete ID that there was an inquiry on my credit. I knew I had not initiated anything that would cause an inquiry, so I called the restoration team at Complete ID.” – Jenna, Costco Member, California

This unrequested inquiry had the potential to damage Jenna’s credit history and wasn’t going to be easy to remove by herself.  Fortunately, she had Complete ID on her side. They did the hard work, including contacting the issuing bank and calling all three credit bureaus.

They took care of everything and made sure the inquiry was taken off my credit report. They even scheduled a follow-up call to make sure everything was taken resolved.” – Jenna, Costco Member, California

In Jenna’s case, Complete ID made the difference by alerting her early.  They saw the signs quickly because they monitor possible sources of identity theft across billions of data points. Without their help, Jenna might not have noticed that she’d been compromised.

Identity theft is on the rise.

In 2017, the number of exposed social security numbers increased to more than eight times the number in 2016.[i]  In this climate of increased risk, early detection of theft is more important than ever.  Complete ID will help you catch disturbances and keep credit problems from spreading.

Complete ID keeps its members secure by looking for early signs of identity theft.

 When you enroll in Complete ID, they will protect you:

  • Monitoring the USPS to see if your mail is being fraudulently redirected
  • Identity monitoring across billions of data points including the Dark Web
  • Protecting Bank accounts by watching for potential ownership changes
  • Watching for new fraudulent credit cards and bank accounts opened
  • Monitoring criminal courts for unexpected instances of your name
  • Watching for new unauthorized alternative loans
  • Noticing any name changes on your Social Security Number

Join Complete ID and you’ll discover all the ways they help protect your personal information today.

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*Real Costco members. Names have been changed to protect the victims of identity theft.

[i] Identity Theft Resource Center, 2017

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