What is Tax Identity Theft

Tax season will open on Tuesday, January 19. This day also marks one of the busiest times of year for identity thieves looking to cash in by filing false tax returns. Tax identity theft is a growing issue and occurs when someone uses another individual’s Social Security number (SSN) to file a false tax return, [...]

How to Respond to a Financial Information Data Breach

In the information age, identity theft has become a growing concern for individuals. With all of our information available online, it's easier than ever for criminals to gain access to confidential information. Understanding what a data breach is and how you can best safeguard yourself from it can help you prevent significant pain in the [...]

How to Respond to a Personal Information Data Breach

In this day and age of electronic information, online credit applications, and mobile financial information, it’s easier than ever for someone to steal an identity and start running up high bills. You may be aware of the risk, but you may not be sure what steps you can take to protect your own assets and [...]

What Is Medical Identity Fraud

Medical identity fraud occurs when someone uses your personal information such as your name, health insurance ID or Social Security number to buy expensive medical equipment or drugs, receive medical care or submit insurance claims. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the health and medical sectors have accounted for the highest percentage of total [...]

What is Credit Monitoring

Most identity monitoring services offer credit monitoring with one credit bureau or all three credit bureaus: Equifax®, Experian® and TransUnion®. Credit monitoring alerts you to changes in your credit file, such as credit inquires, delinquencies, judgments and liens, bankruptcies, new loans and more. As we learned in a previous post, being denied for credit is [...]

Steps to Prevent Child Identity Theft

Children are just as easily – and possibly more – susceptible to identity theft as adults. In fact, Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab revealed that the rate of identity theft for children is 51 times higher than the rate for adults. Children are a lucrative target for identities thieves, as most children’s Social Security numbers and personal [...]

What Happens If Your Identity is Stolen

In today’s digital world, identity theft is becoming a fact of life. You might think that identity theft will never happen to you, but it certainly can. Millions of people have fallen victim to identity theft, and find that their worlds have been turned upside down in the blink of an eye. That’s why [...]

Common Identity Theft Scams

Identity theft scams are everywhere. They happen all over the world and can take place both online and off. These days, no one is immune to identity theft. Ignoring this reality will put you at risk for an identity theft scam since you will not be on the lookout for it. To better protect [...]

What is Child Identity Theft

When you bring home a newly born baby, the last thing on your mind is child identity theft, or your child’s credit rating. In fact, most children’s Social Security number and personal information remain untouched until they turn 18, leaving years for identity thieves to cause serious damage. What is Child Identity Theft, and [...]

Understanding Identity Theft Laws

There's little question that identify theft is a devastating crime that negatively impacts victims in increasing numbers each year. As the popularity of the Internet continues to grow, making identity theft a more complex crime, laws pertaining to this crime have evolved. Before 1998, the only set of laws that pertained to this class [...]

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